Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Epigenetic Biomarkers Market And MicroRNA Biomarkers Market Research Report 2013

This market report from SELECTBIO represents the most up-to-date analysis of the Epigenetic and MicroRNA Biomarkers spaces together with research market data [qualitative and quantitative analysis] characterizing the epigenetics and microRNA research fields.

The epigenetic and microRNA biomarkers fields are co-evolving and have reached a critical point wherein enough signatures have been identified across various different disease classes, most notably in cancer, that some of these signatures/expression patterns can be validated and deployed for use in the clinic.  However, these biomarker fields are evolving in parallel with the research marketplace, and therefore SELECTBIO has in this market report characterized the research markets for both these fields so as to present a comprehensive analysis that en bloc provides a complete picture of this expanding marketplace.

Specific Topics Addressed in this Market Report:

  • Epigenetics Research Market Analysis
  • Primary Market Survey to Characterize Research Market Trends based on Data Collected from Researchers
  • Breakout of Epigenetics Research Activity based on Epigenetic Modifications Studied
  • Segmentation of Epigenetics Research Activity based on Disease Classes Studied
  • Epigenetics Research Activity in Cancer--Quantitative Segmentation
  • Reagent Kits and Products in the Epigenetics Research Field [Details of Products from the Vendors in this Space are Presented and Analyzed]
  • Epigenetics Biomarkers
  • En masse Analysis of All Epigenetics-focused Publications and Trends from these Data with respect to Potential Epigenetics Biomarkers
  • Description of Epigenetic Biomarkers Identified to Date in Various Cancer Classes [Nature of Epigenetic Signature, Potential Role in Prognostics and Diagnostics]
  • MicroRNA Research Market Analysis
  • Primary Market Survey Data Presents a Complete Picture of the microRNA Research Field based on End-User/Researcher Practices
  • Methodologies and Market Breakout for Expression Profiling
  • Quantitative Breakout of the microRNA Research Market Across the Research Workflow
  • Product Vendors and their Quantitative Penetrance in the microRNA Research Markets
  • MicroRNA Biomarkers Analysis
  • Expression Patterns/Signatures of microRNAs in Different Disease States
  • Prognostic/Diagnostic Potential of microRNA Expression Patterns
  • microRNAs in Biological Fluids as Circulating Biomarkers: List and Significance
  • Cancer Biomarker Classes
  • Traditional Cancer Biomarkers
  • Oncogenes
  • Tumor-Suppressor Genes
  • Companion Diagnostics (CDx)
  • Up-to-date List of CDx on the Marketplace
  • Partnerships in the CDx Space

Table of Content

Chapter I. Epigenetics Research Market Analysis

Primary Market Survey to Characterize Marketplace from the
Bottom-Up: Qualitative and Quantitative Market Data
  • Current Research Paradigms
  • Quantitative Segmentation of Epigenetics Research
  • Epigenetics Research in Cancer: Quantitative Segmentation
  • Commercial Kit and Reagent Offerings in the Epigenetics
Research Marketplace

Chapter II. Epigenetic Signatures as Potential Biomarkers
  • Big Data Analysis of Epigenetics Publication Landscape
  • Hotspot Analysis of Publications Describes Segments of Opportunity vis-à-vis Research Product Development as well as Potential Assay Development for Disease Associations, Harvesting of Prognostic as well as Diagnostic Biomarkers
  • Epigenetic Signatures Described in Various Disease Classes
  • DNA Methylation as Disease Biomarkers
  • Histone Modifications as Disease Biomarkers
  • Potential Epigenetic Biomarkers in Various Cancer Classes
  • Gastric Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
Chapter III. microRNA Research Market Analysis

microRNA Signatures as Potential Biomarkers
  • Prima y Market Survey to Characterize Marketplace from the
  • Bottom-Up: Qualitative and Quantitative Market Data
  • microRNA Research vis-à-vis Content Classes
  • microRNA Research in Cancer
  • microRNA Research Workflow: Quantitative Breakout
  • microRNA Expression Profiling Quantitative Market Breakout 
  • microRNA Vendor Market Penetration Space Map
  • NGS to Study microRNAs—Market Breakout by Platform
  • Unmet Needs in the microRNA Research Space
  • microRNA Signatures Described in Various Disease Classes:
  • Potential for Biomarker Development
  • Tumor Suppressor microRNA Methylation
  • microRNAs in Biofluids
  • Circulating microRNAs as Potential Tumor Markers
Chapter IV. Characterization of Molecular Biomarker Classes
  • Traditional Cancer Biomarkers
  • Oncogenes
  • Tumor Suppressor Genes
Appendix I. Epigenetic and MicroRNA Biomarker Summary

Appendix II. List of Companion Diagnostics (CDx) on the Market, In Progress CDx in Development/Partnerships, Potential Market Size for Epigenetic and microRNA-based CDx

Appendix III. Research Methodology


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